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Making sure the law and the evidence support the ultimate outcome of the case, requires an attorney to have a deep understanding of both trial and appellate law because they rely on legal persuasiveness and the record as established at the trial level to show an appellate panel or judge that a trial was correctly done or was flawed. We are your Miami Appellate Law Attorneys.

ACE Law has a wide range and depth of experience in appellate practice. From the bottom up, this includes consulting on and acting as advisor at the trial court stages, assisting with discovery issues, dispositive motions, jury instructions and post-trial motions to preserve issues on appeal, monitoring and advising trial court proceedings, and handling appeals in cases tried by other firms in both federal and state courts. Whether in federal or state court, ACE Law can help you evaluate the issues, move for post-trial relief, and handle the appeal.

ACE Law is comfortable with whatever role best suits the client’s needs, ranging from consultation with trial counsel to independent pursuit of a complete appeal. It is able to practice in all State and Federal courts in Florida and in other jurisdictions.

appellate law miami


ACE Law has extensive experience in pursuing appeals from unfavorable rulings at the trial or district court level, as well as defending appeals brought by others. ACE Law has handled appeals at various district courts throughout the state of Florida, the Florida Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit and district courts from bankruptcy rulings, as well as at the United States Supreme Court.

At these various levels of appeal, ACE law is able to offer you experienced counsel that you would get from a large firm, but with the personalized attention you have access to in a small boutique firm.  The services provided by the firm in this area extend from trial and pre-trial services to ensure all matters are preserved for appeal, through the full appellate process and oral argument on appeal.  ACE Law offers you the services of meticulous researchers and highly skilled writers who understand how an appellate brief should be written so a judge understands the key issues in any appeal.


Furthermore, in complex civil cases, much is at stake for both the trial lawyers and the litigators, such that support from appellate lawyers can be invaluable at the trial level as well as on appeal.  At Ace Law, we take the time necessary to write effective pleadings, motions, memorandum, and briefs. Extensive experience also allows us to help with analyzing and anticipating opponents’ arguments. We can, in short, assist greatly at the trial level as well as on appeal.  In furtherance thereof, in trial proceedings, our attorneys carefully prepare and, if necessary review or draft trial filings to ensure that the argument being made is clear, concise, and effective. In addition to drafting pleadings, we handle summary judgment motions, motions in limine, jury instructions, and post-trial motions.

From the beginning of a trial to navigating the appeals process, we make ourselves available for trial lawyers when they need us. We handle everything with the high level of precision and strong attention to detail incredibly effective on appeal.


ACE Law represents clients in significant international & domestic litigation and disputes. We’ve handled cases from almost every country in Central and South America, Mexico, the US, Canada and Europe.


ACE Law provides representation for clients in most aspects of international and cross-border bankruptcy and insolvency law, both in the United States and in connection with insolvencies based outside the US.


Victims of fraud, corruption and financial crime will often find that their problems are multi-jurisdictional in scope and fluid in nature. Those that have reaped the monetary benefits of fraud, corruption, or theft will frequently go to great lengths to hide their spoils.


ACE Law has a wide range and depth of experience in appellate practice.  Whether in federal or state court, ACE Law can help you evaluate the issues, move for post-trial relief, and handle the appeal.

appellate law attorney miami


If you’re looking for a Miami Appellate Law attorney, the ACE Law firm has the experience and qualifications to help you. Our head attorney and partner Annette C. Escobar has over 18 years of experience and a winning record in commercial litigation and Appellate Law manners.

As Appellate law attorneys in Miami, we pride ourselves in putting our clients first and knowing that time is of the essence.


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