As Commercial Litigation lawyers, ACE Law represents clients in significant international & domestic litigation and disputes. We’ve handled cases from almost every country in Central and South America, Mexico, the US, Canada and Europe.

Clients include international conglomerates and large non-US corporations, amongst others. With a network of contacts that span the globe and deep experience in international commercial litigation, the firm’s services in international commercial litigation has no bounds.

In the US, ACE Law represents clients in federal, state and appellate courts throughout the U.S. and has deep experience with doctrines particular to international litigation.  For example, forum non conveniens, personal jurisdiction, conflicts of laws, sovereign immunity, service of process, and international treaties. In addition, we cover state and federal statutes as well.

Representative causes of action handled by our Commercial Litigation Lawyers include breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, investment disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy.  Furthermore, our lawyers cover numerous other causes of action provided for by state and/or federal law. The firm is also experienced in assisting foreign counsel in seeking evidence in the US under 28 U.S.C. §1782.  Our experience as commercial litigation lawyers lies with other tools available in courts in the United States for gathering evidence in aid of foreign proceedings or abroad.  We are available for pre and post-judgment cases as well.


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ACE Law provides representation for clients in most aspects of international and cross-border bankruptcy and insolvency law.  This is both in the United States and in connection with insolvencies based outside the US. ACE Law represents fiduciaries appointed outside the US to oversee the reorganization or liquidation of foreign corporations or individuals in courts throughout the US that are in need of commercial litigation lawyers. In particular, ACE Law has been involved in numerous cases under Chapter 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.  We have obtained recognition of the foreign proceeding by the US Courts and utilized those cases to obtain discovery; to litigate causes of action against US defendants; and to support reorganization or liquidation efforts in the home jurisdiction.

ACE Law has handled Chapter 15 cases coming from many common law jurisdictions, including Anguilla, Antigua, BVI, Canada, Cayman Islands, and UK, and from various civil law jurisdictions in South America. In other instances, ACE Law has participated as lead counsel on recognition cases filed in the courts of Colombia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom for other commercial litigation lawyers.

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Victims of fraud, corruption and financial crime will often find that their problems are multi-jurisdictional in scope and fluid in nature. Those that have reaped the monetary benefits of fraud, corruption, or theft will frequently go to great lengths to hide their spoils. Financial, corporate and tax structures allow wrongdoers to obscure ultimate beneficial ownership or to move their ill-gotten gains to a different jurisdiction in a matter of minutes. Combating well-resourced individuals and their facilitators to recover assets and recoup losses requires a high level of expertise that few can provide.  As Miami commercial litigation lawyers, we have a a knowledge of multiple legal systems that few possess, and a toughness and commitment that few are willing to sustain.


Successful asset recovery also requires out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness. ACE Law has had extensive experience in “value recovery” as opposed to the more restrictive notion of asset recovery limited to the freezing and recovery of tangible assets such as funds in a bank account, real estate, or an expensive vehicle or work of art. ACE Law seeks opportunities to make victims of fraud, corruption and financial fraud whole by looking not only at traditional assets, but also at the possibility of holding aiders and abettors, conspirators, and facilitators liable through third-party actions. In other instances, the asset to be recovered may be a valuable claim (choses in action), savings that flow from a contract that is declared to have been obtained by fraud or corruption and cancelled.

Annette C. Escobar is recognized world-wide for her leadership in the practice area as a Miami commercial litigation lawyer.  She continues to gain recognition and notoriety for making new, asset recovery-related law, where none exists.  Annette C. Escobar, ACE Law’s primary partner has been recognized by Who’s Who Legal in the asset recovery field for a number of years. ACE Law has a great depth of expertise in common law and civil law jurisdictions alike, including financial and tax haven jurisdictions. Annette also has paved the way in deploying pre-suit tools such as the versatile 28 U.S.C. §1782.  We hope to be the commercial litigation lawyers you chose to lean on in your time of need.


The appeal process, making sure the law and the evidence support the ultimate outcome of the case, requires an attorney to have a deep understanding of both trial and appellate law because they rely on legal persuasiveness and the record as established at the trial level to show an appellate panel or judge that a trial was correctly done or was flawed.

ACE Law has a wide range and depth of experience in appellate practice, both at the state and federal level and is admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court.  From the bottom up, this includes consulting on and acting as advisor at the trial court stages, assisting with discovery issues, dispositive motions, jury instructions and post-trial motions to preserve issues on appeal, monitoring and advising trial court proceedings, and handling appeals in cases tried by other firms in both federal and state courts.  ACE Law can help you evaluate the issues, move for post-trial relief, and handle the appeal.

Ace Law is comfortable with whatever role best suits the client’s needs, ranging from consultation with trial counsel to independent pursuit of a complete appeal. It is able to practice in all State and Federal courts in Florida and in other jurisdictions.

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